KIT Anastasia Card Holder

The KIT Card Holder is perfect for storing all your cards.  No need to worry about carrying bulky card holders and having to leave your credit cards, discount cards, membership cards, and other important cards behind. This card holder provides 18 slots on each side with a total of 36 cards for the SMALL SIZE and 9 slots on each side with a total of 18 slots for the EXTRA SMALL SIZE that you can carry everyday without adding the bulk.


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KIT Anastasia Card Holder can hold up to 36 card slots for small and 18 card slots for extra small with 1 zipper pocket slot. It is easier to organizer credit card, IDs, loyalty cards and even receipts. Minimize theft as you can easily spot missing cards. Slim profile makes it easier to put inside your everyday bag.




BEIGE, Olive, black, gray, maroon, navy blue


XS, Small


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